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    - Let's say I have two production instances and for sandbox instances. If there is an update anytime soon?

    How the updates are managed between production and sandbox instances? Are they managed separately?

    - If I need to synchronize all customization and users from production instance to sandbox instance, I would do a minimal copy right? because the full copy includes customization, users and data while minimal includes users and customization.

    - If I want to ensure that administrative notifications for the production instance are also sent to an external partner, all I need to do is to add that external partner as an additional recipient on the production instance itself right? or there is another way to do it?

    - If I am a Microsoft Dynamics 365 system administrator and my organization has acquired a new company in another region and we need to deploy a production instance for the company's users, in this case the available storage is shared across all instances, right?

    - Let's say we have two companies one in country/region 1 and another one in country/region 2. If I don't want to share the same storage What do I need to do in this case?

    Do I need to create a new production instance in a new tenant in country/region 2 or create a new production instance in country/region 2 of the existing tenant?

    - If I have a sandbox instance being used for dev purposes at my organization.

    The URL for this instance https://contosoSBXDEV.crm.dynamics.com.

    The instance will now be used to test third-party ISV Solutions.

    You need to ensure that the instance URL will be

    https://contosoISVtesting.crm.dynamics.com. How can I accomplish this?

    Is it sufficient to edit the URL on the instance properties?

    - What if as a system administrator at a certain company I have imported 5GB of data into an instance, but the storage utilization of my subscription does not reflect the used storage space What would be causing this discrepancy?

    I hope someone would be able to help me sort out all my concerns, 

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    Thursday, August 17, 2017 1:52 PM