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  • I have found SyncToy very useful for some time.

    However, I have a situation for which I see no convenient solution.

    I am using SyncToy to backup a very large folder (terabytes), using "echo".

    However, I wish to split the Destination between two drives (neither is large enough alone).

    I am happy to have fixed sets of subfolsers go to each destination drive.

    For example in D:\Big\, sub folders A, B, C echo to E:\Bak1, and sub folders D, E, F echo to F:\Bak2.

    This could be done if SyncToy supported ANY of the following features:


    1) Allow a "reflection specification" to specify a list of subfolders in the source folder (sub folders not in the list would be ignored).

    I could create two reflection specifications, one for each destination folder.


    2) Allow processing of a LIST of folder pairs.

    I could set up a folder pair for each sub folder of Big, and create two lists.


    3) Provide an OPTION to copy a link's (shortcut) content, rather than link itself.

    I could create a folder with shortcuts to folders D:\Big\A, D:\Big\B,and D:\Big\C, and use that folder as a Source for SyncToy.


    In the above examples, there are only 6 subfolders of Big. In my case, there are more. I don't want to run SyncToy for each subfolder.

    Comments? Suggestions?



    Saturday, February 12, 2011 9:03 PM