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  • Hello,

    I am in the process to develop a rather consequent project and I would like to have some advice on various parts

    I am in the process to develop an application which will receive data in continuous streaming from the internet by a dedicated port (COM). I would like to get these data and send them directly to a tool that I will be making, which will use these data to create a kind of animation according to, exactly, the value of these data, and afterward preserve these data in various bases.

    I am rather new in the techno news(short stories), even if I have a lot of experience(experiment) in old technologies. Thus, I looked on the Internet and by basing me on my personal knowledge, I came there to direct to a following strategy.

    Use Casablanca as a "listening devise" to read the port COM and be handled by a C ++program which I would create, and who will send these data (will return the available data), in another program which will be a mixture of VB - C ++/Open GL to manage the animation. I thought of programing myself the animation (Scene Camera agle, flying view, etc. ...) in C++/OpenGl to assure me of the performance which is an essential cretaria and which is the nerve of this project ... Afterward these data will be kept in various bases via SQL server on 2014.

    If I understand correctly. Casablanca is a HTTP (more less server) who can "listen to" a COM port and retreive data of a HTTP continuous flow. OpenGl is a tool (codes) who uses directly the graphic accelerator of the computer (where it gest its performance) and is used via the programming C ++.

    Can someone direct me on the best choices, the tools, and technologies to set up this kind of platform. Aswell, this project is also to introduce me to the animation, C ++ (that I knew long ago). Databases via Visual studio 2017

    Thank you in advance

    Friday, June 23, 2017 12:38 AM