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  • When would a Windows 8 Mod Application be available and/or a Xbox Application. Phone support might be useful.

    Having this built into Xbox One with voice and gesture support could be amazing in a movie room and classroom. 

    It surprises me that Microsoft has all of these amazing technologies but don't support their main platforms. 

    Friday, January 10, 2014 5:12 PM

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  • Make no mistake. Windows Desktop is still the "Main platform" for Microsoft. A significant number of WWT features could not be reproduced in a modern Win8 app, phone, web or on the Xbox platform.

    Support for 3d, full dome, MIDI, Oculus VR, power walls, our LCAPI, and much more would have to be removed from a Windows 8 store app, the phone or Xbox.

    These other platforms would be nice ways to support a subset of WWT features, but our Desktop app will always be the preferred way to deliver the full WWT experience.

    WorldWide Telescope is a free program with a rather small team compared to other Microsoft products. We already have three platforms releases with the Desktop App, Silverlight and HTML5. Each additional code-base we add means the staff we have gets spread thinner. This means having to push less critical projects to the back burner, sometime indefinitely, or finding more efficient ways to support multiple platforms.

    We just spent a couple of years completely rewriting the WWT desktop application for DX11, which potentially would allow us to port the core display engine to the phone, tablet and XBOX, but each platform would require developing a new UI, testing it, and staff to support the release of each of these platforms.

    I would love to support all those platforms and more, but I would have to be given the budget to hire many new people, or spread the investment out over time The other option is to find ways to support those platforms with a single investment.

    Our current priority is supporting multiple platforms using our HTML5/WebGL control. Eventually we will bring a significant number of the desktop application features to the web with accelerated WebGL support, and as more devices support WebGL, we could very well support them all with one codebase.

    Lets hope Moore's law keeps holding up.

    Jonathan Fay

    Tuesday, January 14, 2014 10:15 PM