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  • Hello. I have "Windows XP Home", version: 2002, Service Pack 3, on my HP/Compaq Presario OEM - SR1810NX home computer. What I should have gotten (back in the day, which I didn't 'stupid me'), was/is XP Pro, thus, now I'm at the point that I what . . . have to buy Vista Business and then downgrade to XP Pro? I want it, I need it, and it will cost me to have it, I 'get' that.

    But, seperately, I'm also doing/amidst research for a eventual new computer (itself) upgrade (quad code or misc) between AMD or Intel, and have much saving to do, thus, solely want, at that 'post' time, only IE 6, I don't like IE 7, windows media player 10, not 11, probably see if I can transfer current/present computer's hard drive data over to new larger computer hard drive, empty (so to speak BUT somehow ideally avoid transfering over XP home and with bought XP Pro, transfering over my data and after emptying current/present computer, setting's, data, everything, so to speak, scraping the whole desktop (empty, completely) to either trash or maybe try to sell for $20 or alittle more, whatever. Plus . . . With: Board, DP965LT and Processor, (?) X6700, I'm trying to price them alone, with or without anything else built in, for no more than $500. I'll get (etc) after & deal with it. I'm in Los Angeles, CA 90057, but I suppose I could (buy) from anyone (professionally) mail order, in all of Los Angeles County and/or in the USA, but again, (for me), just a motherboard and processor, the more closer to quad 'SPEED", the better, and with OR without integrated graphics and sound card and etc/misc, for under $500. I know, I know, I'm (*&^%$@), but I'm low income and gotta accomplish getting what I seek, solely starting with the board and processor; everything else (tower case, etc) is secondary to me researching a board and processor. I get that 'right', then and only then, can and will I move forward toward everything else (tower case, etc), which I guess is about 7 - 10, give or take seperate and individual componet part's that all, when come together, make up, say, a new computer, aside and seperate from me unfortunately having to ill - buy MS Vista Business, IN ORDER, to then downgrade to XP Pro - which I want, and IE 6 and windows media player 10; don't like IE 7, nor windows media player 11. Then I EITHER have to have my current/present hard drive (s) C (used: 23.5 GB, free: 62.7 GB, capacity: 86.3 GB and D recovery, misc drive (used: 6.50 GB, free: 332 MB, capacity: 6.82 GB) - total: used: 30.0 GB, free: 394.7? < don't think that's right. What I have (right now, currently/presently): Single processor, Microsoft XP Home, ver 2002, Service Pack 3, OEM - HP/Compaq, AMD Sempron (tm) processor 3200+, 1.79 GHz, 1.18 GB ram, virual memory/paging file size (which comes up from time to time, but not often: for C and D drive's - 1507 MB. C drive space available: 65789 MB, recommended: 1821 MB, currently allocated: 1507 MB, and D drive: space available: 332 MB, recommended: 1821 MB, currently allocated: 1507 MB. So, yeah, that's it, sort of, in a nutshell. I want to do what I normally do on this one, but what Board, DP965LT - $123.00 and Processor, (?) X6700 - $183.00 or, either one, (sorry), but AMD's processor - Phenom X4 9950 - $199.00, with board - Asus M3A79-T Deluxe - $132.75, so . . . where am I now on this . . .

    I'm either away from a computer right now or 'in the field'. Meantime, feel free to visit me on my website: http://www.jeffreydavidmorris.com Thank you again, and have a nice day.
    Monday, March 16, 2009 3:26 AM


  •  Hello jeffreydavidmorris,

      Your post has a large amount of details and you sort of lost me in it.

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    Darin MS




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    Monday, March 16, 2009 11:04 PM