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  • I am having some very odd issues which I have been unsuccessful at pinpointing;  It seems that after the activeX kill bit roll up patch (which is the only common denominator I can truthfully identify amongst the man machines I am seeing this on) it appears that the active x control for microsoft update has been removed. After a user installs said patches and reboot, if they go back to the microsoft update site, it prompts them to install the active x control even though it was already installed, and my guess is, microsoft update is some how getting confused because the components have to all be installed after that active x control is granted rights even though it was installed and functioning fine prior to the patch installation.

    We are using WSUS only to approve updates as there are certain updates that we do not want to deploy out to the masses. I also use Patchlink to remediate the other patches for non-microsoft products. I am well aware of the concerns in having WGA installed in a WSUS/other patch management environment, and I can tell you first hand that without the WGA installed and functioning correctly no matter what solution, I have personally lost the ability to deploy "Critical" updates.

    I would like to know if there is an answer as to what happened with the active x control being some how reset; if this is a known issue to microsoft and if anyone else in an enterprise environment is seeing the same.

    Thank you in advance,

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