Adding records to a login, CRM behaviour when duplicates detected? RRS feed

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  • When setting up logins we have to add records to it, there are 870 records at the moment to be added (can only do 50 at a time, but that's another question).

    Because we can only add 50 at a time it's easy to mix up records that have been added and records that have yet to be added, every now and again a duplicate record pops up when setting these logins up and kills whatever "add record" job is happening at that time. Say there's 150 records on the login, we've added another 50 and the duplicate is detected, the number of records is not 199 when the add record job is completed but 151.

    Question is, can we make the CRM simply skip duplicates and add the rest of the values?

    Friday, July 6, 2012 5:25 AM