This is good - My Forum Themes with Forum name RRS feed

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  • If I've missed the announcement of this, then Hans will no doubt point out the exact thread where you told us of this ...

    However the last threads that I read only (still) had the request for My Forum Threads to include the name of the forum and now I noticed that it is there.

    Also there but oddly only here (well, not in the SharePoint List of SP forums for instance) is both the name of the original poster (and when) and - when there is one - the name and time of the latest poster to the thread.


    Very good!

    Now all that's missing is for the same thing for the lists of forums where you still spend (waste?) space on the (identical every time ...) description of the forum and give us only the last poster to the forum without indication of whether that last poster was posting a new thread or a reply to an existing thread.

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