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  • Asus P5Q-SE2, Intel Core2Duo @2.8ghz w/4 gigs of RAM.

    I read some of the posts that came up when searching on "Motherboard Recommendation" but they were more than a year old.

    Also saw the recommendation to get one that is listed under http://windowsservercatalog.net/  although I have no clue what "Windows Server..."  category WSH falls under.

    My agenda is that this box is being used as a media server and does not always seem to be delivering smooth playbacks.

    There is also a problem with shutdown: it hangs at shutdown and has to have the power cord pulled.   This is coming between me and saving a few bucks on electric by instituting a scheduled shutdown job/BIOS powerup schedule.

    Besides the media use, the only non-plain-vanilla aspect I can think of is that the board does not have enough SATA connections for the seven (7) drives that are connected to it and I had to add a card to supply more SATA connections.

    Am I wasting my time with the upgrade "solution" (quotes bc I really don't know if I have a problem with the mobo...greater minds than mine have suggested one of the drives as a possibility for some other problems I've been having, but CHKDSK hasn't smoked anything out.).

    If a new mobo seems like a reasonable move, can anybody cite a make/model/config that

    • They are using
    • Are happy with
    • Has more than 7 SATA connectors
    • Is a cut above the Asus/Intel mentioned earlier?
    • Is on the WindowsServerCatalog.net approved list 


    Monday, August 30, 2010 7:18 PM

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  • I would look for new socket 1156 boards for Core I3 or i5 CPU with support for embedded graphics (you must select the proper CPU in this case).

    Some of those offer 8, 10 or even 12 SATA connectors.

    I am not sure, how well the new hardware would cooperate with the old WHS (since consumer grade hardware will not be delivered with drivers for a now outdated server OS), but for VAIL it should offer an adequate platform. You should look at the specifications especially for the SATA controller. Some offer only to connect disks as RAID, but not all disks as single drives only.

    Media playback is a bit limited in WHS v.1 and depends also from several other factors - beginning from the client to the interaction of each network component, ending at your server.

    Best greetings from Germany

    Tuesday, August 31, 2010 9:57 AM