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  • Hi All

    I am hoping that somebody can explain to me how Option Sets work with Managed solutions ( not global option sets).  The problem that I am is that I have a development environment with an unmanaged solution with all my customisations and code.  I export the solution as managed and import into my TEST environment.  The import work successfully however, if I have modified any option sets then I have not idea if the values will be correct in TEST.  For example

    TEST ( Managed Solution)

    I have option set attribute called Relationship type ( Account entity)which has the values = 'option 1' , 'option 2', 'option 3'.

    I then modify option 3 to be 'New option 3' in the managed solution.

    I then make the same changes in DEV.  When I import into test, I select to 'override customisations', so I expect all customisation on an option set to override the values on TEST.

    The new values of the attribute on TEST will be 'option 1' , 'option 2', 'option 3', 'New option 3'.

    This is just one example.  I have also seen it duplicating some options.  I just cannot see any pattern it what it is doing, and therefore just cannot understand why Microsoft would have made Managed Solutions so confussing.  This sort of change would have been straight forward before solutions.

    Can anyone please explain to me how Option Sets work with Managed Solutions.  I have looked at the SDK and from what I have read this should work as I expect it to.

    Thanks in advance


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