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  • SyncToy 2.0 with XP Pro SP3

    I have several Folder Pairs set up that I have been syncing for a while.  They currently work fine.  My issue is with trying to set up new Folder Pairs.  

    When I click on Create New Folder Pair, the Choose Folders pane pops up (as it is supposed to).  The issue is that when I click to browse in either the Left or the Right selection, there are no folders or files to select.  The selection window is blank (the controls are there, but the tree area is blank).  It does not matter what machine or drive I am trying to browse to.  This of course means that I can;t select a location to sync with in either direction.  If I double click in the blank area and choose OK, I do get a default path selection (C:\Documents and Settings\xxx\Desktop\Work In Process).

    I have uninstalled & reinstalled SyncToy 2.0 with no improvement.

    Has anyone else seen this?  Is there a solution?
    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 12:03 PM

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  • The browsing capabilites seem very poor to me too. it really should be able to browse like any other decent application.


    But for now, the workaround I use is to just go in windows explorer to browse, then I copy the address from the address bar and paste it into SyncToy.


    Most of my sync files are to a laptop for working offline. I keep the path of the laptop copy as similar to the original path as possible, and this also helps make copying addresses a bit easier.


    If my LAN copy has this path:




    I would recreate the same folder structure on my laptop's hard drive




    at this point I must gripe a little because the older version of SyncToy could automatically create that structure if it did not already exist, but 2.0 refuses to do so... :-(


    Putting the offline copy right on the C drive helps keep from having path/filenames that are too long and unable to be managed by Windows.

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:48 PM
  • Hi Cnyprecast


    I thanks for contacting us with this issue.  You say you are runnign SyncToy 2.0 on XP Pro SP3.  Is your user an administrator in the machine?  Do you have permission to read the folders you are trying to add?


    Maria del Mar Alvarez Rohena - MSFT


    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:56 PM
  • Hi Maria,

    Yes, I am running SyncToy 2.0 on an XP Pro machine with SP3.  It has 4BG RAM and a lot of spare HD space.  I am an administrator, and this happens to be my desktop machine. I have no trouble seeing folders & files in Windows File Explorer.  I have been able to set up new folder pairs in the past, but I have not done so for a while.  I just replaced my Lenovo X61 Tablet with a new X200 Tablet, so I needed to set up new folder pairs.

    I use SyncToy for a couple of things.  I use it to sync files between my Dell XPS Desktop (the XP Pro machine) and my Lenovo X200 Tablet (Vista Ultimate).  I also use it to back up files from my server to an external HD (through my XP Pro desktop machine).

    I am able to work around this problem by Copy & Paste into the Folder Pair Set-up window.  When I do this, SyncToy works great.


    Bob A.

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 7:49 PM
  • Hi Bob


    Can you try re-installing Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, and see if you can see the folders with SyncToy?


    Maria del Mar Alvarez Rohena - MSFT


    Thursday, November 20, 2008 1:45 AM