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    I converted to Sunset a few days ago, knowing lights were out on 31 Jan.  On a whim I decided to install Microsoft Plus Deluxe (paid edition, not sunset) on a virtual box.  Much to my surprise the activation still worked.  Money did indicate upon startup that online services would die (had died) 31 Jan.  I brought in an old backup that still had all of the online services active.  I ran an online update - and lo and behold, I got all my statements downloaded!  I was feeling pretty happy just about then.  I did notice that all the entries listed "provider has updated their offerings".  A few hours later, I went back and did another update - This time the update did not complete.  The update logged indicated that "Online Services had expired".  Funny enough, when I click on the message, it claims my online services expire 1 Feb 2013 - two years after installation.

    In any case, at least in this corner of the world online is really dead.  Sigh.  PocketSense for now - though looking forward to see what the guy who cracked the file manages to do.


    Thursday, February 3, 2011 4:53 AM

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  •  though looking forward to see what the guy who cracked the file manages to do.

    That's an interesting development. Where did you read that? Presumably not on this microsoft board!

    It would be a good solution if somebody did succeed in making a hack

    Thursday, February 3, 2011 10:05 AM