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  • My website is currently about 7 months old. It is currently ranked in Google and Yahoo, and I have submitted my URL for inclusion for MSN. I have just setup my xml sitemap in Live Webmaster tools, im hoping that will help my site out. Checking the inbound links on MSN's webmaster tool shows that it has indexed many sites that have links to my site, many of them links that have been around for a while. So why I havent been crawled and included is beyond me.

    My site has never used cloaking, or doorway pages. I don't employ keyword spamming/stuffing. I am not linking to bad neighborhoods, or participating in link farming. I don't even host ads on my domain!

    Would there be any reason why MSNbot has not graced my site and Google and Yahoo have?

    Jason Miller
    Network Consulting San Jose
    Tuesday, April 8, 2008 12:31 AM


  • Jason,


    Have you logged into webmaster tools to check if your site is blocked? If it is only 7 months old it might have been blocked in the past due to spammers...




    Friday, April 11, 2008 5:03 PM

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    MSN is having some MAJOR problems, don't hold your breath, and when you do get indexed you won't get the results you are from Google and Yahoo. Read through this forum, your problem is not alone, MSN LIVE DOESN'T WORK.
    To help cure the problem I am adding to the bottom of the home page of all the web sites I build and run, and encourge everyone else to do the same or something similar, (http://www.americanbandogs.com) you will not find this site or any of my sites listed in MSN. No link farms or link pages, no hidden text, not even any errors w3 compliant and tagged as such, but some how accussed of spam and been removed from index on  5 sites so far.

    So this is what you will see on my sites, on the home page.

    We are sorry for the inconvience of not being able to find this site on MSN live. This Site and many other quality sites are not being indexed by MSN live. Improve your search results and see what sites you have been missing, use google.
    If you are using Internet Explorer here is a link to update it to IE7 with Google set as the search engine.


    What do I expect to gain by this?

    If everyone that runs a web site were to do something like this, MSN will fix their search engine problems or loose all of their users.

    This is giving MSN more respect then it has shown many sites. There is no rules or laws saying that they have to index any web site, but if they are going to be a search engine, then they need to do it right or let all the users know that are a lot more sites available that they don't even list. Even Google offers you the other search engines, I guess they feel they have done their job right and not affraid of loosing any users.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008 8:53 AM
  • Jason,


    Have you logged into webmaster tools to check if your site is blocked? If it is only 7 months old it might have been blocked in the past due to spammers...




    Friday, April 11, 2008 5:03 PM

    Hi Brett


    I am having a similar problem but not as severe I think. I have recently started using the Live web master tools (about 4 weeks ago) and added just 4 of my sites:-


    www.data7consultancy.com (6 pages indexed) (Sitemap submitted)

    www.bjbeauty.co.uk (1 page indexed) (Sitemap submitted)

    www.ecarpeople.com (no pages indexed) (Sitemap submitted)

    www.data7webhosting.co.uk (no pages indexed) (Sitemap submitted)


    MSN rarely crawls these and when it does, it’s not added any new pages.  As you can see from the above, I have submitted a sitemap for all and included the sitemap name in the robots.txt file as another attempt to get the pages I need listed in MSN’s engine.  2 of the sites have no pages indexed at all.  All sites are more than 1 year old except data7webhosting.co.uk


    My web master tools screen doesn’t show any issues as far as I can tell.


    Would you be able to help me diagnose this please Jason and point me in the right direction?


    All help appreciated





    Wednesday, April 16, 2008 12:12 PM