Exception:End of Stream encountered before parsing was completed. RRS feed

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  • I try to sync beteween sql server 2008 and use sql server 2008 changeTracking feature.
    I use sqlExpressProvider( SQLExpressProviderSample)  as local provider ,and DBProvider as remotePrrovider.
    When I  start the program,it pops up exception."End of Stream encountered before parsing was completed."
    and  this exception was poped up from DbServerSyncProvider.SetAnchorValue method.
    in the method I found something.
            if (rawAnchor == null)
                MemoryStream serializationStream = new MemoryStream(anchor.Anchor);
                object obj2 = new BinaryFormatter().Deserialize(serializationStream);
                parameter.Value = obj2;
    It must be a bug.MemoryStream.position is not reset to 0 before deserialize it.
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