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  • I have a problem with the Sync Toy.


    Suppose I use it like this example with the Echo option.


    1. I use a few folder pairs to copy a lot of files and folders from drive C to a folder named Sync Files on Drive D.


    2. I then have a folder pair to copy that Sync Files folder on D to my SD Card.


    If I use the All Run option, it will not update the files on the SD Card since it only does one file check before the run.


    If it were to do a file check before each run of a folder pair, it would update all files.


    As it is now, I have to either run it twice or run the SD Card pair as a seperate run.


    Thanks, I'll be looking for the hotfix Smile


    Wednesday, October 1, 2008 6:11 AM

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  • What do you mean by file check?


    Which folder pair did you create first, the one from C:->D: or the one from D:\ to the SD card. We run the syncs in the order in which they were created - so if you do a RunAll once it should work.




    Thursday, October 2, 2008 5:29 PM

    By file check I mean that when sync first starts to do the copy and I am only talking about the All Run option, it will look for changes. The problem is if you are doing a sync from several folders on drive C and putting them all in a folder on drive D and then annother sync pair to copy that folder from drive D to a SC card, it won't work because it only looks for file changes "file check" one time at the beginning of a all run sync copy. since it looks before the all run only one time, the folders on D and the SD card have not changed... but then it see's there are changes from C to D so it will make that update.... since it does not check again after the C to D copy, no update goes to the SD card.. If it checked before each folder pair, it would work......


    I was very careful in setting up the order of the runs and made sure the copy from C to D was done first and then the copy from D to the SD card was done last.  If I choose the All Run option, it will not update the files on the SD card that were changed on Drive C.


    I made another post also, it's kinda buggy... If I delete a folder in my drive C folder, it will not delete that folder on drive D or the SD card....... if I rename one of them, it will do that so that part works.....


    If you can fix this, I'll send ya...... uhhhhh $30 ?

    Thursday, October 2, 2008 5:57 PM