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  • Dear All

    We currently are running CRM 4 with 2 business units. now are are migrating to CRM 2011 we can have separate organisations which would suit our needs better.

    To achieve this i plan to backup the CRM 4 sql data and then restore it to the new sql 2008 server and then import the organisation.

    Once this has been done i plan to remove 1 of the business units data from the database.

    But what i am wondering is how is the best way to bulk delete an entire business units data to include accounts, contacts, leads, opportunites etc?

    I did think it would be better to remove the data from my test environment before i import it into CRM 2011 or would i run increase the risk of having the data import fail if i did this?

    Many thanks


    Thursday, May 31, 2012 2:16 PM

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  • You need to be really sure you want to split into two Orgs before you go down this route. This would mean the customisations for the two areas would be completely separate (which you may want), and users will simply not have any access to records from the other org (although a user may have a log on to both, they can't for example relate an Opportunity in one Org to an Account in the other.

    Back up your database and import into SQL twice. Import into CRM 2011 as a new Org and let the upgrade do it's work. Then disable and delete the org from 2011. Then import the second database to upgrade it. Now re-import the first one again (if you don't do this, the second one will refuse to import as it sees the GUID is already there from the first one).

    Use the bulk delete tools in CRM 2011 post-upgrade, you will probably find this easier than in CRM 4.

    Data does not really 'belong' to business units, it is owned by users who are in BUs.

    So create a query to find (for example) All Accounts where the owner is any user who is in the BU you are getting rid of. Delete these records and you should find it also deletes many of the child records. You need to check all your relationship types, as some may be set to prevent the deletion of a parent when there are child records below it. Repeat for Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, etc until you are happy.

    Then in Org 2, delete the other half of the data.

    Disable users in Org1 and Org 2 as appropriate.

    Hope this helps. Adam Vero, MCT

    Friday, June 22, 2012 10:00 AM