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  • I have an asp.net online Payment site. In that we have a page where it has Request.Form to get the response from Payment Processing API and if the payment is succesfull it insertsthe succesfull payment into database and redirects the user to next page where it shows the success message. When the User Hits the back button on this success page it is going to the previous page where it is saving the payment into databse duplicate times.

    Is there any way we can disable the browser back button or force it to go to some other page.

    I have tried window.history.forward() but not working for me.

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  • Hello,

    There are always ways to defeat the back button. If you use this which we used at one time and worked until a user right clicks the back button to get history and navigate backwards.

        $(document).ready(function () {
            history.pushState(null, null, document.URL);
            window.addEventListener('popstate', function () {
                history.pushState(null, null, document.URL);

    Rather then attempting to stop them from going back consider using logic sets a value when a page has been done and then if they try to go back detect this and handle it.

    Or try this


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