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  • I bought a copy of Vista Home Premium 64-bit OEM from NewEgg.  After considering it awhile, I decided to install/activate it on a laptop (which came with a copy of Vista Home Premium 32-bit) that used to be my son's and was now mine, instead of a Quad core system I had intended to install it on.  Well, several weeks later, my wife informs me that my son needs the laptop back.  But... I just activated my $99 copy of Vista 64-bit OEM to it...

    What I would like to know is... is there ANY way... begging, pleading, or groveling... that I can put my $99 copy of Vista Home Premium 64-bit OEM on my quad-core Intel system and reinstall the original Vista 32-bit back on the laptop?

    The laptop would have it's original OS back on it and I'd be able to reclaim my $99 copy of Vista Home Premium (64-bit OEM), and put it on the system it was originally intended for.

    I know you're not supposed to or "allowed" to put OEM copies of Vista on any other computer but the one they are activated to, but... I'd REALLY like to "reclaim" my copy of Vista HP 64-bit OEM back, if at all possible, under any way...

    Yeah, I could try and lie and say the system/motherboard(laptop) it's on died, but as a born-again Christian, I can't do that.  I *won't* do that.  Making God angry with me over $99 just isn't worth it.

    I'll even sign a written statement promising I'll BUY a copy of Windows 7 (OEM; can't afford the retail copies) when it comes out, if that will help me reclaim my OEM copy of Vista 64-bit OEM back onto the system for which it was originally intended but never activated on.

    If  I hadn't had to give up the laptop BACK to my son, I wouldn't even be here asking this question.


    Saturday, March 28, 2009 9:05 AM


  • The license for an OEM version of Windows Vista is permanently tied to the very first computer it is installed and activated on.  It cannot be transferred to a different computer.  Only retail licenses are transferrable.  Sorry!
    Carey Frisch
    Sunday, March 29, 2009 6:11 PM