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  • Windows Live™ OneCare™ 2.0 Beta – We’re running down the home stretch

    Last month you read about all the great changes in the product thanks to your feedback. The trend continues this month, with updated installation, and backup functionality to address your top concerns. This week you should have received an update to your OneCare 2.0 Beta, a version that we think is on the brink of final release quality.  As we slide into home base, it’s a great time for you to put our refresh of the beta to the test and let us know what you think. We’re getting really excited and hoping that this version of OneCare is a grand slam.

    Tell your friends about OneCare, we’d love to hear from them too, you can always recommend that they visit http://onecare.live.com for the latest released version of the service.

    Focus on v2: Help and Support

    Multi-PC, Wireless Security and Printer Sharing are all features that you’ve heard about in our previous newsletters. Each a big step forward in management of the PC’s and Devices in your home environment. As you must expect, with every new feature we release we have a lot of new education and information that our customers will need or just simply want to know when using OneCare. This month we’ve asked our Help and Support Program Manager to walk us through a behind the scenes look at the new features in OneCare that will help you get to the information and repairs you need. You might know her as, “Chela” from the OneCare forums, but around the OneCare hallways she’s known as Marisela Cerda, and responsible for updating and improving the help experience for v2.  Marisela joined the OneCare team last February and here is why she’s excited about v2:

    There are basically two reasons why OneCare customers need help. First, they’re curious and want to know more about our features and how they work. Second, they’ve run into a problem, like a compatibility issue, or perhaps they have received a warning from OneCare that they need to take an action. One thing that really struck me last February, when I joined the OneCare team as the Help and Support Program Manager was all of the feedback we received from our users telling us that finding information for OneCare in our help topics was a challenge.

    In response to that feedback, we’ve developed methods to better link you to the help content you need when you need it in v2 and streamlined our online support experience. We’ve always linked directly to the help topics from the product for feature information. For example if you go in “Change Settings” in the main user interface you will find lots of links in the tabs for information on OneCare features.  However this was not the case for action items and other message types in the client. In v2 you should see a significant improvement in the linking between messages in the client and the ability to open a relevant help topic. Our goal for V2 was to cover some of the most common scenarios that customers run in to.

    Speaking of help topics, some of the steps in the topics can be technically intense for some of our users. We’ve offered tools in the Microsoft Download center to help our customers run some of our suggested repair steps in the past, but in v2, we’ve decided to bring automation of our suggested repairs to our local help. To get to the automated repairs you will need to open up the client help, by clicking on “Windows Live OneCare Help” in the help menu in the right hand corner of OneCare. Next you should see a list of categories, like “Help with Updating OneCare” or “Help with Firewall Settings.” When you select a category we run a set of detections that look for known problems on your pc, if we find one, then we present you with a description of the problem and a button to “fix it.” If we do not find any known problems on your PC, then we provide you with a button to go online for more help.


    In our online help, you will find topics on our new features, updated topics for our existing features like Monthly Report, Firewall and Backup and a lot of new troubleshooting topics. You might also notice that we’ve added a feature called “Instant Help” to our online help, designed to get you answers faster than our traditional search which is still available in the top left hand corner of the online help. Finally, we’ve streamlined our experience for contacting a support professional. To get in touch with OneCare all you need to do is click "Get More Help” in the bottom right hand corner of our online help and then select “Get Support,” which will lead you to a form that you can use to contact our support professionals.

    We are definitely looking forward to hearing how the repairs work for you and how we can improve our help experience and content in the future. Help make OneCare help even more helpful, by rating our online help topics and leaving us feedback in the forums General category.


    What’s New in the Refresh

    The beta refresh was released the middle of last week. .  If you’re curious to know if you’ve already been upgraded, it’s easy to check:

    1.       Open the main OneCare home screen by double clicking the OneCare icon located in the notification area (typically the bottom right corner of your screen, next to the clock).

    2.       In the upper right corner of the OneCare home screen, select Help and choose About Windows Live OneCare…

    3.       In the dialog that appears, if your version is reported as 2.0.2392.4 or higher, then you’re running the refresh! 

    We’ve made a lot of changes in this refresh, and we wanted to highlight some of the changes that we think a lot of you will particularly like.  How do we know?  Because we heard the feedback that you wanted them!

    ·         The  backup service can now handle invalid characters in filenames, in our previous release these characters were causing backup to fail, which was reported by one of our Beta users

    ·         Uninstalling OneCare no longer removes CD/DVD drives, an issue that a few customers ran into after our last update.

    ·         We’ve heard your feedback about the issues that result from installing OneCare on a machine using Dynamic Disks. Updated detection and messaging has been added to our installation process for users who are using the Dynamic Disk feature in Windows. See posts in forums from Beta users.

    We’ve made many more changes than these, and we continue to work to make OneCare v2 even better.  Your feedback helps us immeasurably!

    How to Send Us Feedback

    As always, the success of the beta is directly related to how much feedback we get.  Good or bad, we want to hear it from you!

    If you think you’ve found a bug or have a suggestion, tell us about it using our feedback submission form at https://connect.microsoft.com/feedback/default.aspx?SiteID=168.  At this site you can also see what other people have already entered, and add an extra vote for the issues that matter most to you.

    If you have a question about the beta or OneCare in general, there are lots of resources to consider.  Our forums, located at http://forums.microsoft.com/windowsonecare/default.aspx?siteid=2, are great places to ask questions and discuss OneCare with other like-minded users.  Our wiki, located at http://channel9.msdn.com/wiki/default.aspx/OneCare.HomePage is full of tips, tricks, and solutions for all sorts of issues.  Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about our beta help center at http://beta2.onecare.live.com/standard_beta/en-us/support/default.htm

    Coming up Next

    With this last refresh of the beta we’re very close to a locked down release.    We’ve learned a lot from your feedback over the last 3 months and now more than ever we still need to hear about your OneCare experiences to make sure that the product is running smoothly. So keep OneCare installed, keep the feedback coming and look for email from us next month with our final release announcement.

    Finally, thanks again for participating in our Beta program, and for helping to make Windows Live OneCare one of the best all-in-one PC care products out there.


    Saturday, November 3, 2007 1:29 AM