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  • Hi,

     I just rebuilt my WHS V1 which had been running for over 2 years after the Mobo gave up the ghost.

     Re-install was flawless but I ran into a particular issue when I tried to setup the domain name on my re-install of WHS.

    I know my live ID and password.  Although, I did not personally use it to log in in a very long time.  But, it worked great on my old WHS, updating my *.homeserver.com domain whenever my ISP updated my IP address.

    On the new install, I followed the Domain Name configuration using the WHS Console.  I clicked the configure button, entered my Windows Live id: "eric@XXXXXXX.com".  and my password. (x used to ward of spam, I of course used the real email address on the Live ID Web site)

    Then I get the following error: "Incorrect email address or password".

    Hummm.  I decide to go online and try logging in from my Windows 7 PC.  I connect to login.live.com and enter my password and user name.  I get the following error: "That Windows Live ID doesn't exist. Enter a different ID."

    Ouch!  What is going on?  my WHS used that account not 2 weeks ago to update my IP address!

    Well, this is bad, let see if I can re-create the account.  So I select the Sign up option, choose to use my email address and and enter my information + my secret question and answer.  I also enter the correct captcha and click continue.  Now I get the following error: "The email address is already in use. To continue, do one of the following.."

    So I try signing in again but I get the same error as earlier.  That Windows Live ID doesn't exist. Enter a different ID.  Well, maybe I forgot my password, so I select "Can't access your account" and try "I Forgot my password"  Then click on the "Reset password" link.  I enter my email address and the correct captch then click next.  Now I get the following error message: "The Windows Live ID is incorrect. Please try again."

    Anyone can help me with this?  I cannot get back into my Live ID that does exist at some level since I cannot recreate the account using that same email but that I simply cannot log into or reset the password...


    Sunday, February 26, 2012 5:57 AM

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  • See this FAQ. Also, if you have truly not used it yourself for a very long time, Microsoft will have deleted it, in which case your current vanity URL is tied to a non-existent Live ID and is effectively irretrievable. A new Live ID created using the same email address (even if you could get that to work, something which Live often doesn't allow you to do) would still not allow you to retrieve the vanity URL, I'm afraid.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)

    Sunday, February 26, 2012 1:14 PM