Handling folder moves RRS feed

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  • I'm currently syncing a FileSyncProvider with a custom FullEnumerationSimpleSyncProvider.


    I have a folder called A and within folder A is a folder called B. Within folder B are two files, 1.txt and 2.txt.

    - B
    -- 1.txt
    -- 2.txt

    When I move folder B out of folder A and perform a bidirectional sync, DeleteItem() is called on folder B at the destination then consequently InsertItem() is called to create folder B at its new location. Then UpdateItem() is called for 1.txt and 2.txt. However, the problem is that the files 1.txt and 2.txt don't exist anymore since DeleteItem() was called on folder B. So, there is no way to perform a move on 1.txt and 2.txt since they don't exist anymore.

    It seems as though DeleteItem() is getting called on the parent folder too early before the children can be properly updated to the new location.

    Is there any good way of handling this?

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