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  • On XP Professional SP3, 32 bit, in April
    used NTBACKUP to backup boot partition E:.

    Two weeks ago I got a virus on E:,
    installed XP Professional XP3 on partition
    D:, with D: booted formatted partition E:
    back to empty and for NTFS, and with D:
    booted used NTBACKUP to restore the April
    backup of E: to E:.

    All files were restored but two.

    Then E: would not boot but said that file


    was missing.  From an old list of all the
    files on E:, I found the size of


    that had been there and found such a file
    on D: and copied it to its usual location
    on E:.

    Still E: would not boot.

    How can I restore my April backup to E:
    and have E: boot and run as it did in

    I spent three months, about 60 hours a
    week, getting that installation on
    partition E: working well.  Now I have
    spent two weeks trying to get it restored.
    So, likely one-third of all my time this
    year will have gone to wrestling fighting
    viruses due to the poorly designed XP
    security model and getting good XP

    This struggle is stopping my ability to be
    a good customer of Windows Server and SQL
    Server Enterprise Edition.

    More generally, it is very important for
    me to be able to backup a boot partition
    and be able to restore it later, on XP now
    and Windows Server later.

    Is the only way to restore a bootable
    partition is to use the process involving
    an ASR diskette?

    If so, do I have to create a new ASR
    diskette for each backup of a bootable

    If XP has an update and a backup, will an
    older ASR diskette still work?

    Can on ASR diskette work for restoring to
    either of D: or E:?


    Friday, October 22, 2010 7:00 AM