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  • I have an HP MediaSmart WHS  with a 750GB primary drive, two 500GB drives, and another 750GB drive.


    WHS shows total storage as 2.27TB with a free space of 1.62TB


    My internal LAN speed is 1Gbps.


    So far, I have successfully:

        (1) upgraded the server software

        (2) installed the connector software on my workstation running Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

        (3) upgraded the connector software on my XPS laptop running Vista Ultimate x86 SP1

        (4) upgraded the connector software on a Dell PC running Vista Home Premium x86 SP1

        (5) transferred a 750MB file from the workstation to the WHS in less than 25 sec! Prior to upgrading the software a      500MB file transfer to WHS took about a minute and a-half.

        (6) Three overnight backups have been performed for the PC, laptop, and workstation.


    The Windows Taskbar jumping has been fixed.


    My workstation has about 850MB of system, data, etc. This has all been sucessfully backed up to WHS (it did take 10 - 12 hours to accomplish this).


    With the original software, I used to get a WHS message saying that the overnight backup was successful when I first accessed the PC in the morning. I no longer receive this message. All units are reported as being successfully backed up in the WHS console.


    I also find that the website "wakes up" faster when it has not been accessed for several hours.


    Recommendation: It would be great to add a picture rotator to the mail web page so multiple photos could be shown on the login page of the website.

    Saturday, June 14, 2008 11:57 AM