Using SubGrid to show related Entity of Opportunity page RRS feed

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  • I have 3 related entities. Accounts, Opportunities, and a custom entity call Account Specifics. I have a 1:N relationship between accounts and Account Specifics. A 1:N relationship between Accounts and Opportunities. And an N:N relationship between Opportunities and Account Specifics. What I would like to do is have a SubGrid on the Opportunity Page that will automatically show any Account Specifics that are associated with the Account that the Opportunity is linked to. What I have found is that I can either show all records, and the SubGrid shows every Account Specific, OR if I select show only related records, none of the Account Specifics show Automatically unless I manually look up the Account Specific on every Opportunity page. Is there a way to automatically show the related Account Specifics on every Opportunity page where the Opportunity and the Account Specifics share the same Account?

    I have a subgrid on the accounts page which works fine.  Only the related Account Specifics show on the Accounts page.  But I would like to see this on the opportunity page. 

    Wednesday, June 17, 2015 7:56 PM

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