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  • Why does the Firefox version not show some things that the IE version does?  Is it just farther behind in development at this beta stage?  Testing after installing HD View in both IE6-XPSP2 and Firefox revealed that:

    1. When I click on the sample on the HDV home page in IE, it automatically displays one of the images above the 4 selection images, but in FF it locks a large HDV logo into the view space until I click on one of the 4 images.

    2. The Xrez link takes me to a similarly-behaved page; in FF, a logo occupies the view space and no picture appears until I click on one of the three text titles at the bottom.

    3. Worst of all is the Bohonus site.  When I click on any one of the images on the linked-to page in FF, I get a full-page HDV logo with some un-doable instructions at the top and can find no way to display the selected picture; I can view them only with the IE version.

    But this is a great concept and I'll be interested to follow its development.  And, yes, I finally found the owl in Seattle.


    Also, this forum presented a problem that I've encountered in none of the other forums that I've visited:  I can post in IE, but in FF the post page lets me enter a subject and select a message attribute, but doesn't allow me to type in the message area, which remains grayed out like the background.

    Friday, March 21, 2008 8:23 AM