Completing From causes Form to reopen / relaunch RRS feed

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  • Yes, I am extremely new to VBA. I have a form in which the OK click  closes the form and transfers values to a Word Document.  Everything works except that when the form closes, it opens back up empty again.  When one fills in the form a second time and clicks OK, the form closes and the results from the First iteration of the form fills the document.  I'm sure there is some loop happening between the CallUF, the sub myUpdateFields,  the sub AutoNew, and the sub Create_Reset_Variables.  I've tried commenting out different subs but either the document never loads or the form pops up a second time.   If you would like to respond I will send you the code but I don't want to set it all here to start with.  Thank you for your time
    Tuesday, April 5, 2016 10:57 PM