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  • Hello fellow developpers.

    I'm french and for the code4fun contest -yes we don't code for fame in france, just for fun - I tried to create original ways to show and share your pictures using functionnalities included in WHS.

    For now it is not exactly an installable add-in (I will make a very simple version of a Whiist-like add-in to enter the contest but it's still under developpement) but it come as 2 files to drop on the same folder as a Whiist "photo gallery" (since I use the gallery thumbnails technology).

    - timeline.htm is the main page it's full Javascript/html and use an XMLHttpRequest to fetch the data
    - Date.asp is the XML provider. It uses data from WDS included in WHS to return as an XML file every pictures in the folder and subfolders sorted by "Date Taken".

    Timeline.htm will then show the pictures in a timeline and you will be able to zoom in/out using the mouse wheel.

    Timeline display

    The 2 files :

    Install Steps :
     - create a new website using Whiist as a "simple photo album to share pictures"
     - drop timeline.htm & Date.asp in the website root folder (with album.ashx, album.css ...)
     - open the website URL with  timeline.htm    http://Server/photo/timeline.htm

    I'm not a web developper so for now the code is quite crappy (sorry that is the best I can do right now ) but since I'm running out of time (the contest ends by the end of march) I will have to let it mostly this way because I have many other things to do.

    Known issues :
    - Don't work with IE 8 (very strange behavior), and Firefox (seems to be a problem with javascript differences with IE, and I don't have much time to correct this)
    - Can be quite slow with many pictures (up to 5000 pictures on the XML it feels good but I tried with 13 000 pictures and it start to feel horrible - the 1.5MB  XML file must be part of the problem)
    - Clicking on a numer display pictures of the time period, but if there is many pictures, the action can hang IE for 10s-1min  (to display the 3000 pictures to the screen for instance).
    - Sometimes the pictues won't show (usually if there is a "+" sign or "(" in the folder/picture name)
    - Sometimes the program won't register the "mouseUp" action
    - No error messages have been implemented for now (like : "problem with the XML file" or "there is no picture in the XML file")
    - You can't display a picture in full size for now (I'm working on it)

    That's all I can think of right now but I only tested it on French version of WHS for now.

    Also if date.asp does not return any pictures, you WDS index could be obsolete. You can force the reset of the index going to control pannel/indexing options/advanced/rebuild

    The other things I am working on are :
    - Display by Vista Tags
    - Geotagging display using date in  Vista Tags (for instance : every tags that starts with L/ is considered as a location => L/Paris/Place de l'étoile" will put a pushping to show location of pictures).

    But because of shortcomings of Windows Desktop Search 2.0 (don't index Vista Tags) and since it seems that there is no plan to integrate WDS 3.01 in PP1, it won't be as simple to use as the timeline (I will have to generate a file using ExifTools with every tags).

    So again consider this an alpha version. I will do a code cleanup when I find time to do it. If you have advices, ideas or hatred (I know it is far from a valid HTML page ), please post it there.


    Thursday, March 20, 2008 12:05 AM