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  • I have a genuine copy of Office 2000 and a genuine copy of Windows XP.

    My virus checker told me last week that I needed to update both because of security risks. Although I have automatic updates switched on there were 128 updates to be installed! How can this happen?

    Only yesterday 3 Windows updates were auto-installed when I shut down. Today my virus checker again told me I need to update Office and Windows. There are 20 more Windows updates waiting, all large files that take hours to download. Why does Windows XP need so many updates so often?

    When I tried to update Office 2000 I was asked to validate my software first, even though I have done that before on the same PC. After trying 7 times and each time failing your site eventually gave me a message that suggests Office 2000 will never be validated as genuine when used in conjunction with Office XP, I have been refused access to updates that my virus software says are critical. Why? Why show Office 2000 updates as available for download and then refuse access to them?


    And why are your update sites so very difficult to navigate? Why not just a single click to bring everything up to date? It appears that Microsoft make a problem with weak software and then give its users tremendous headaches and much wastage of time to fix them.


    And finally why do I need to go through this gruelling process at least once a week. Surely you've fixed all the bugs in Office 2000 after 7 years?

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