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    Here is my problem:

    I want to use a local database cache for an occasionnaly connected desktop application.
    My remote database is SQL Server 2008 Express.

    In Visual Studio 2008, I succeeded in creating a .SDF database in my project.
    But I have to recreate the relationship between tables manually since the Visual studio tool does not seem to do it automatically.
    It is acceptable if my database would contain 1 or 2 relationships, but this is note the case...

    Please note that I generate at design time an Entity Framework model upon the local database cache, so I think that I cannot create the schema dynamically at runtime with the SyncSchema class for instance.

    Is there a workaround to this ?
    Does Sync Framework 2.0 solve this issue ??

    If I cannot do this, I don't know how to use Sync Framework in a real production environnement with a real database containing many relationships and foreign key constraints.

    Any help would be very appreciate !

    Best regards,

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