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  • Sir,

    MY LAPTOP : single OS, windows 7 sp1 , ultimate 64 , 2gb ram , 4ghz processor,  kaspersky antivirus full,  total hard disk 150gb, C: 38.9gb,  11.2 gb free space on C: ,   allocation for SR Points for C: 2.73gb (7%)

    PROBLEM:(SR Point: System Restore Point)

    sir, i am facing a problem of false reporting of the space occupied by a SR Point and so, it is unable to know how much space is left for new SR Points such that the old ones dont get eliminated. Here it is always increasing as the time progresses !

        1. I created a SR Point at 9:21PM space occupied being shown 114.97mb

       2. The same SR point showing the space occupied at 9:23pm 115.06mb

       3. After 20 hours it is being shown as 272.36mb !

       4. After sometime ,it would show the space (occupied) even more than the actual allocation for eg. 

    the full allocation is 2.73gb and it will show 3.1gb occupied by the same single SR Point

          [for solution of the problem i am managing the single SR Point that is by not doing anything that will     trigger the creation of new SR Point(s) ]

    SNAP 1 : plz see only one SR Point is there on c:(the other one is system image back up on another drive)

    SNAP 2 : Plz see that the space occupied by the same single SR Point is 276.50 mb which was 114.97 mb initially.SORRY , ONLY TWO IMAGES ALLOWED!

    HISTORY : since last 6 months the laptop is with me and when I received it, system protection was off. When I made it active , it used to create SR points very frequently for e.g. 10 points in 2 days. So I stopped its automatic creation 2 months back. I disabled  both the triggers and the task.

    SNAP 3 : both the triggers and task disabled.


       (.) it makes restore points either manually (by me) or by system in the case of install or updates only,  And I am comfortable with it !
       (.) SR Point restore is full success !

       (.) but the PROBLEM is there !


    1. Is something wrong going to happen to the hard disk ?
    2. Is it a malicious  activity ?
    3. Does a full defragmentation for a drive deletes all the restore points on the drive ? (it happens here!)
    4. How should I proceed ?

    Thursday, February 26, 2015 10:50 AM


  • Hello,

    I'd ask in the Windows 7 forum on Microsoft Community.

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