Outlook Primary Synch Client - Way to clear this? (CRM 4.0 online client) RRS feed

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  • We have about 200 new users who are getting new laptops. They all currenlty have the online outlook client installed. When we have run through a test of migration and installed CRM client on a new laptop, we get the warning about having another computer that is set to primary synch client. Of course it is easy enought to fix by going to options and setting the new machine as the primary client.

    Is there way I can clear the primary client setting from the database before we reinstall? Or is their an automatic way to set the new machine as the primary client during the installation? I know it is easy to manually update this but we have 200 upgrades occuring in about 5 days (and CRM is just one piece of it). So anything we can do to eliminate a step is helpful.

    Should I be looking at the subscriptions and subscriptionclients table in database. I see how (sort of) it is identifying the primary client. But I am not really sure if I should update a certain value (or when in the upgrade process).

    Thanks for any pointers or advice.


    Thursday, November 3, 2011 2:26 PM