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  • I'm confused -- i rent an Azure Medium VM for Cloud Bursting, which promises 490 GB for "Local Storage Resources". It seems natural that my use of the VM is to load up content via hpcpack/hpcsync, and then compute via PWD = something in %CCP_PACKAGE_ROOT% (after all, this is where my app is installed). but it looks like %CCP_PACKAGE_ROOT% is filling up at maybe 3 GB or so (?). there must be a significant limit on %CCP_PACKAGE_ROOT% (but i can't find out via the Web what this limit might be). so:

    [1] is there a limit to the space on %CCP_PACKAGE_ROOT%?

    [2] if so, what is this limit? (e.g., is it some function of the amount of space eaten by the hpcsync when the node first comes on line?)

    [3] if there is a limit, then why would you architect it this way? it just seems like this is eating space from C:, and C: is huge so it seems that the the limit to %CCP_PACKAGE_ROOT% should be the space available on C: . what do you gain by putting in this seemingly arbitrary limit?



    Friday, March 11, 2011 4:40 PM

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  • Yes, there is a limit to %ccp_package_root% directory of several GB and hpcpack/hpcsync can only upload files into this directory or its subdirectories. However, both hpcpack and %ccp_package_root% are dedicated for SOA services and it is not recommended to put other stuff in it. To manipulate general files, you may use hpcfile command.

    If your %ccp_package_root% has been filled up with SOA packages, may I know why your services use so many large files? It will be helpful if you can help us understand your use pattern.

    Monday, March 28, 2011 5:29 AM