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  • I have been using windows Live Mesh for a year, and it is great (As was Foldershare, and whatever followed that), linking it across 5 computers in 3 offices.

    However, for the past few days it repeatedly deletes the same 5 files (which are actually .jpg photos), every minute, on each computer - but it doesn't use the name the files actually have, and the site the Recycle Bin lists as where they come from does not exist.

    For instance, one of the photos has the name  HindsP 2011 11 04.jpg, but the Recycle bin calls it  BCXLDEH5LIFH4VEA6LPVGGHMPM-HindsP 2011 11 04. The Icon in the recycle bin is definitely that photo. 

    The Recycle bin lists it as having come from a site c:\users\Stephen\AppData\Local\Microsoft Live Mesh\MR\..... the file site goes on and on  - I can't even find an AppData folder on the computer.

    Each computer's REcycle Bin is filling with 20 GB every hour of repeated copies of these 5 photos (the originals of which i have deleted now, but the problem continues). the nly solution has been to "exit" Live Mesh on all 5 computers - but I nee this wonderful program !!

    Please help me

    Thursday, December 15, 2011 11:34 AM

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  • Exactly the same is happening to  me. A few photos are showing up in my recycle bin each one in numerous copies...60 or more. The largest the bin has been was yesterday at over 3 1/2 GB. I've discovered where they really come from, but I do not know how to stop MESH from "deleting" them over and over.

    Please...a little help.

    Thursday, December 22, 2011 12:08 PM