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  • Hi, I'm writing an excutable by leverage of Microsoft.Synchronization.Files.FileSyncProvider, and I got confused with some phenomenons.

    1) most renamed files will result in a single action of ChangeType.Rename, but some renamed files will result in 2 actions, ChangeType.Delete and ChangeType.Create. I can't figure out what's the difference between these files, are there any rules about involved actions?

    2) Could the filesync.metadata be interpreted as readable? or deserialized by any method?


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  • Hi Lennts -


    1) We have code inside the FileSyncProvider that tried to accurately detect a rename but we cannot always determine that for sure always ( creation time on the file changed for example). When we cannot accurately determine this - we then delete the old-named file and create a new-named file. I would not worry about this and instead will let the actions flow as they are reported by the FileSyncProvider.


    2) The filesync.metadata file is a store file ( SQL CE database file). The only way to deserialize it could be to open it up using ADO.net and reading all the tables and rows and desrializing into a format that you specify. What is your scenario and why do you need this?




    Thursday, September 25, 2008 6:58 PM