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    I could use an action (call it BACKUP or MIRROR), that makes the right folder an exact copy of the left.  No matter what happens to folders or files in the right folder.  That way if something accidently happens to the right folder, I can re-sync the right to be an exact copy of the left.

    Then this could be used as a back up program, or for what I do...

    I create Powerpoint presentations on my home computer, for use at work.  Same thing with some EXCEL grade files (I'm a teacher).  I would MIRROR them from home to a flash drive or a CD-RW.  Take them to work and use them (no need to change them at work, just display them).  When my home computer files change (as they often do - especially the grade book), MIRROR again from home to flash drive or CD-RW.

    If files get accidently changed or deleted at work, I do not want this synchronized to the home computer (so I can't use SYNCHRONIZE!)

    If files get accidently changed or deleted at work, I want them to be replaced with the original at home - I can't ues ECHO because:
         1. ECHO gets confused as to which file to keep (in the case of an accidental change to the right folder)
     or 2. ECHO will not recopy a file accidently deleted on the right

    A MIRROR action that makes an exact copy left to right would be very useful. 

    Then, in the case of a disaster, and something bad happens to the left folder, a RESTORE action would take the right folder (now acting as a backup folder) and make an identical copy to the left folder.  This could be done with a simple "Change action ..." choice, keeping the left and right folders without having to create another Folder Pair.
    Friday, February 13, 2009 6:13 AM