Echo preexisting right files won't truly mirror left to right--no deletions RRS feed

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  • Scenario:

    1. You have been using ST to echo right to left.
    2. You reload a new system and migrate to that new system (computer). All of the right file, of course, are lost because that system no longer exists. But you have all of your files backed up.
    3. After loading the new Windows system, you immediately copy all of the files on your backup drive to your main drive.
    4. Before you begin using ST, you now make changes to the left files you just copied from the right backup location.
    5. You now want to start using ST again to keep echoing left to right.
    6. You install and start ST, make your folder pairs, choose Echo, and run ST.
    7. Changes made on the left are indeed copied to the right, but no there are no deletions from left to right.
    8. To force SynchToy to actually delete the files that no longer exist, you must delete ALL of your right files and allow ST to rebuild its database.
    9. You think to yourself, "Lame. That's going to take 12 hours."

    Question: Why can't ST Echo the files to the right and also delete the files that no longer exist on the left, without having to recreate the entire backup folder on the right?

     Problems two:

    If you stop the process of rebuilding the files on the right by a hard restart--shut down Windows accedentally, say, and then restart ST and try to echo, the error "Avoided coping x files . . . " This means you will need to delete all of the files on teh right and rebuild the entire database/echo (mirror).

    Perhaps this is a limitation of the NET framework. If so, WOW, what a limitation. If not, why? Very aggravating.
    Thursday, February 5, 2009 7:18 AM