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  • Hi,

    When i am running a script to get Name, IP and OU details from a list of computers. The output of the script is truncated.

    Name                       IPv4Address                DistinguishedName       
    ----                       -----------                -----------------       
    PS6645                         CN=PS6645,OU=Computers...

    machine distingushedname is not shown completely. Who can i increase the width of the output.

    I tried to use OUT-file and Export-csv But not getting the complete format.

    SCRIPT --

    $Computers = "d:\checkfile.txt"      # contants list of persistent machines
    $Comp = Get-Content $Computers
    ForEach ($Computer In $Comp)
        Get-ADComputer $Computer -Properties * | FT Name,IPv4Address,DistinguishedName | Out-File -Enc UTF8 -Append .\found.txt
        $Computer  + "    not-in-AD" | Out-File -Enc UTF8 -Append .\notfound.csv  # stores output in this file

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