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  • Hello all, I am working on making my own personal financial Excel workbook. Its small fry, but if I can prove to others that I can fully organise if not automate financial information, then organisation toward business should be a natural progression.


    To be honest, I got fobbed off by MS Customer Services to pose this question to you all. Other than the weak connection, I got to admit, theres not alot more to this for small business. But it was the best forum site I could see that had at least some relevence.




    Its going really well, about 20 worksheets in all. But you can imagine managing that number of worksheets is a hassle. For that reason, I am trying to build an equation that brings up the soonest bill payment that has to be paid. I have already worked out the 'Min' function to display the soonest bill payment date to be made from a table of dates and bill names (like Power, or cellphone charges). Problem is, I dont know how to make an equation that displays the respective bill type to the soonest bill payment to be made.
    For instance (this is only a small sample of the bill types and actions I have in my list), here below is an example of what I am after:

    Bill Type                       Due Date
    Power                          25/04/2008    w
    Cellphone Charges        23/05/2008    x
    Bank for savings           12/04/2008    y
    Car registration             16/04/2008    z

    Next soonest action:    12/04/2008    (=Min(w:z))  -easy enough to get
    Action:            Bank for savings    ????????        -wouldnt really know how to get there

    I imagine it may have something to do with the IF functionality, the logic testing, but last time I tried that it ended up in a mess.
    I look forward to an equation, method or even just hints to help me out! Cheers

    Monday, April 21, 2008 9:44 AM