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  • I live in Houston where IKE pretty much destroyewd everyhing that rums on Electricity with all the power surges when they keep witching grids. An enexpensive Power Surge Protector was reduced to pretty much a multi-plug extension cord. My computer hyad to be restored & When I attempted to re-install One Care from the Original DISC, it installed the program, but thta's it. It is in tghe red & when I look for the Product ID in the Help Section, I get an error code 0068600 40005. It's like I don't have the paid subsciption. I still have the box & Key from when I purchased it, but that's a 25 # Key. The product # is seperate from that as I found out when trying to re-install. I wouldn't pay $5 for it now. I paid $59.95 for the DISC. I don't buy nothing over the Internet that is software related. I want the DISC & Key#. So beware of bjuying this product. It's not worth the price of a blank DISC if you have to restore it. I didn't know there was a seperate product Key aside from the 1 I got with the Original Program. I think I'm swithingb to a MAC. At least they have people that answer the phone when you have a problem. I've been using iTunes for at least 3 yrs now & everytime I had a problem, I actully get to speak with people, which I never have with WINDOWS. They are going to lose some bussiness when I tell my story to every AOL Subsciber. I haven't figured out how to do it on MSN or Google & the others.YET What is withe the EMPTY message? xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Friday, October 10, 2008 5:15 PM

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