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  • Out situation is that we have multiple independent systems, each with its own database, where each database contains several hundred thousand records.  We intend to use Sync Framework to share a master server database (on a separate System) across all systems.  Each system with upload and download changes to the master database as new work is performed on that system.

    The question is: how do we go about adding new systems to the network.  Our experience is that it takes many hours to perform the initial synchronization for each system since the initial sync compares the local database to the master database record by record.  In our environment, adding a system entails a service call and the expense of keeping a field engineer at a site during the sync process is prohibitive.

    We can export and import databases on each system.  One proposed approach is to export the current database, overwrite the existing local database with the current master database and then import the exported local database

    Can we do better?

    Howard Weiss

    Howard P. Weiss

    Wednesday, May 27, 2015 8:45 PM