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  • Am I missing something or is there no way for an XP machine to search and /or index files on Windows Home server?

    I've found this thread that is pretty generic but doesn't mention how XP's Desktop search can access indexes or index remote content.  The other thread I found leads me to believe this might be a Vista only feature (and not fully baked at that).

    Is there a different version of desktop search I should be using that allows indexing of UNC paths?  Finding version information for desktop search appears to be an all day affair.  I'm running whatever was installed with Office 2007.

    Tuesday, March 20, 2007 8:00 PM


  • ok,  I figured it out (sort of).  There's a page with version info here (of course they don't tell you how to determine what version you already have).  The latest version is currently 3.01 and it supports adding UNC paths to search.

    They claim there are only two versions of Desktop Search - 2.66 and 3.01 but I had the version that comes with Office 2007 and still couldn't add UNC paths so obviously there are sub-versions that aren't listed.

    This was going to be a big concern for me since I do a lot of searching for specific files (music tag info, archives, etc) and I'll be moving a lot of that data over to WHS so I wouldn't be able to search it locally until I added the Desktop Search update with UNC paths.


    Tuesday, March 20, 2007 10:47 PM