How to stop printer sharing requests RRS feed

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  • Latest version of OneCare installed (Dec 2007 release).


    Several times a day, one of my computers "re"connects to the network, determines that there are printers available attached to other PC's in my "OneCare Circle" and pops up a dialog box asking me if I wish to connect with them (i.e. register them on the computer as printer options).  Regardless of how many times I cancel that message for any individual printer/PC, it keeps popping up on this one PC.


    I have tried installing the printers and then deleting them as options; however, they keep popping up.  I do not want to remove the printers from the "share" wrt the PC's to which they are physically attached since I want some of the computers in the circle to be able to access them.


    Is there a way to stop OneCare from continually asking me whether or not I want to install/connect these printers?



    Thursday, December 6, 2007 8:26 AM


  • When you are offered the opportunity use the shared printer from another PC in the circle are you declining or simply canceling the dialog. If you decline, it should update the list on that PC to not prompt you again and then the only way for you to use the printer via the sharing is to clear the previously declined printer list under Change Settings, printer sharing tab, Clear button. If you are canceling the dialog, you aren't declining the request, you're ignoring it. Can you confirm what action you are actually taking?

    On the other hand, could you not simply accept the prompt, let it install the printer as available, but then change your Default printer back using the Control Panel printers dialog?



    Thursday, December 6, 2007 5:49 PM