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  • I've been doing some playing around on a windows XP PC of mine just to make sure I could restore it if need be (the PC is currently functional).  For the C: drive, it has a Raid 1 configuration on a PCI Adaptec 1200A controller (Highpoint HPT370A chipset).  It also contains one additional hard drive (D:) configured as the master on the primary IDE channel.  I also have an old zip drive as slave on the primary IDE channel and two DVD burners on the secondary IDE channel.

    When I get to the point of selecting which drives I wanted to to restore from and to, I realized that my original C: drive was not showing as an option to restore to, but rather only my original D: drive was there and it was actually being presented as C:.  I checked in the drive management console there was only one drive shown in the system so it was apparent that my raid array was not being seen at all.  I had copied the 'Windows Home Server Drivers for Restore Folder' for this PC to a USB key and was using it at the appropriate place in the restore dialog but it apparently did not contain the drivers needed for the Adaptec 1200A.  I went back to the earliest backup I had for this machine and it did not contain it either.

    I do have another PC with the same Raid controller in it so I pulled up their 'drivers for restore' folders and found that they did contain the needed driver and .inf file.  I copied those items to the USB key and re-ran the restore process and now the controller is recognized but my drive letters are all mixed up as follows:

    As in PC (XP)                           As initially assigned in restore
    C: (Raid 1, NTFS, Active)             F:
    D: (additional HDD,  NTFS)            C:
    E: (DVD 1)                            D:
    F: (DVD 2)                            E:
    G: (Zip drive)                        Not shown but drivers are loaded
    H: (USB Key, FAT, Active)             G:


    So a few questions...

    First about the missing driver:
    1) Does anyone know why the drivers for restore folder does not contain the Raid controller driver on this PC?  I would assume that the contents of the folder is generated in some fashion based on device manager and the device shows up properly there.
    2) Is there a way to remedy the situation so that the backup process does pick up the driver for this device?
    3) In general, how can I be confident that the 'drivers for restore' folder for any given PC has everything needed?  It's not that I can't load others, but originally I was admittedly going through the process somewhat brainlessly assuming that everything would be there correctly.

    And second, about the way the drives are showing up in the restore process:
    1) Given the way my drive letters are all mixed up, would I have a functional system after the restore if I just left it all as is?
    2) Or do I need to open the disk management window and try to change the drive letters that restore is showing to match my original system?  In trying to do that I run into several issues though:
      a) I would be changing the drive letter of the DVD rom that contains the restore CD in mid-stream.  I believe that should not cause a problem but would appreciate confirmation if anyone knows for sure? 
      b) Also, as I change the various drive letters I get a warning about programs that depend on drive letters might no longer run.  I'm not too worried about that since I believe I'm putting things back into the order that XP expects them to be in but .... when I try to change the letter for the Raid array from F: to anything else, I get an additional message stating that (paraphrased) "The Simple volume is in use and even though the new drive letter will be assigned, the old one will not be available for assignment until after the computer is restarted".  Since I would be wanting to assign F: back to my second DVD drive, this would seem to stop me from doing that since rebooting would just start the whole restore over again with no memory of the drive letter assignments I just swizzled around.  I'm sure I could assign the correct letter in XP once the restore was complete but the fact that the restore is seeing the F: Raid drive as different somehow also makes me wonder if I should be swizzling drive letters around to begin with?

    I have restored other PC's successfully but have not run into issues quite like these and would appreciate anyone's input on my questions and what the proper way to proceed would be.



    Sunday, February 22, 2009 2:58 PM