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  • I have a user that would like to be able to clone a Contact record. He has a contact record John Smith all required fields filled in for John Smith. Jane Doe is at that account too with all the same info except name and email address. He would like to be able to open up John Smiths Contact record, change the name to Jane Doe edit the email address and save. Now I would have a John Smith and a Jane Doe contact record with the same information except Name and Email address.  Is this possible in CRM 2011?



    Friday, May 6, 2011 4:46 PM


  • You could so something with a ribbon button  or a lookup onchange using jscript for this purpose.  You would put jscript on the on the button or the lookup on change that would reach into the associated record and pull back the details and populate your form when you pick the contact you want to clone from. 

    Or you could also do it based on a plugin based on a lookup.   You would fill the name and email on the form, then pick the record you want to clone in a look up you provide.  Then .NET plugin, registered on pre create of the contact would look into the related entity from the lookup attribute using a retrievemultiple call and fill in the rest of the new contact attributes before the main save operation take place.

    I recommend looking into the the SDK:


    Also my blog has numerous examples of various different types of calls made in both .Net and Jscript.  Check it out:



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    Friday, May 6, 2011 5:41 PM