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    I understand that when domains are added to the watch list, they are throttled.  What exactly does that mean though in terms of what the server does with the requests from the federated peer and in terms of what the users (internal and external) actually see on the desktop ?  Once they are on the watch list, do the restrictions continue to be applied regardless of what happens next between the peers, until they are either blocked or added to the Allow list ?

    Also, is it possible to easily determine why they were added to the watchlist ?  Some of them are from legitimate looking sources and it is tempting to add them to the Allow list but we'd need to be sure.

    The help text states 'Symbols appearing beside a connection indicate that you may need to take some action with regard to the associated connection.  A warning symbol indicates that there may be suspicious activity on the connection.  You should analyze the connection (MY TEXT HERE - HOW ?) to determine if the certificates or domains associated with it should be blocked.  A question mark indicates that you may need to grant a higher level of trust to domains associated with the connection.'  We have only question marks.  Does anyone know how they ended up with question marks instead of warning symbols ?  How can you work out if you can safely add them to the Allow list ?

    Thursday, April 9, 2009 11:28 AM

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