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  • Just installed OneCare 2.0 beta on a brand new install of Vista Ultimate.  After starting a Complete Scan it said I had been protected from 7 issues, and I clicked view report and saw 7 failed quarantines.  I clicked OK and wanted to see the report again.  I clicked "View last scan report" about 10 minutes ago and it's still done nothing.  Things brings up a slew of issues:

    1. If a quarantine fails I should see a lot more than just "failed".  I want to know which file, why it failed and suggested courses of action.  "Failed" is worse than useless as it creates fear that something is wrong yet doesn't do a thing to help the user.
    2. There is obviously a bug if you click "View last scan report" and it shows nothing.
    3. When I *did* see the "View details" report it said this in the header, "OneCare has successfully cleaned or stopped the unwanted software" yet *every single item* in the list shows an Action of "Quarantine Failed".
    4. After I clicked "View last scan report" I couldn't even click on "Change settings", even that did nothing.  Had to reboot.

    Over all the UI of OneCare is *very* unresponsive.  I've had several instances of windows popping up *behind* the main window or starting minimized.  It often takes 30 to 60 seconds before a window will pop up.


    Granted this is beta but these are very important issues.  The above handling of the issues would send my mother into a panic that her computer was fraught with peril.  I really hope these issues will be addressed before release.


    Shawn Oster

    Dell Dimension 8300

    P4 2.8

    2.50 GB RAM

    C: 25.6 GB free of 40.0 GB

    D: 13.7 GB free of 34.5 GB

    Monday, July 16, 2007 3:41 AM