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  • We have been working on the HPC cluster created using the Classic mode and we had enabled the AutoGrowShrink feature, which has been working perfectly fine. Now we moved to ARM mode, although we have been able to create the cluster successfully using the ARM template, created both head node and compute nodes in Azure. However, AutoGrowShrink is not working. 

    As we are using HPC Pack 2012 R2 and Excel 2013, we have being trying to enable the AutoGrowShrink using below PS scripts in head node as suggested here ...


    1. Configure:

    .\ConfigARMAutoGrowShrinkCert.ps1 -DisplayName "swiftcluster1" -HomePage "https://swiftcluster1" -IdentifierUri "https://swiftcluster1" -PfxFile "‎C:\Setup\MyCert.pfx" -Password "hello123$" 

    2. AutoGrowShrink:
    .\AzureAutoGrowShrink.ps1 -NodeTemplates 'Default ComputeNode Template' -JobTemplates 'Default' -NodeType ComputeNodes -NumOfActiveQueuedTasksPerNodeToGrow 5 -NumOfActiveQueuedTasksToGrowThreshold 5 -NumOfInitialNodesToGrow 5 -GrowCheckIntervalMins 1 -ShrinkCheckIntervalMins 1 -ShrinkCheckIdleTimes 10

    Script 1. executes well but Script 2. displays the error message, 'Subscription ID xxx not found', due to which nodes turn Offline in Cluster Manager but VM are not stopped/deallocated in Azure.

    However, we ran the Configure script. it selected the same subscription correctly and we can see the same subscription ID displayed on the console. Also, it displays the message, 'This cluster was deployed in classic model' whereas we actually created the cluster using the ARM template.

    Thursday, December 8, 2016 10:19 PM

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  • Hi Sajad,

    As discussed offline in email, please run ConfigARMClusterVNetInfo.ps1 first to configure the VNet related information first, and run the AzureAutoGrowShrink.ps1 again.



    Friday, December 9, 2016 9:16 AM