is there a way to activate south american windows 7 home premium in the us that was previously installed on deleted vm's RRS feed

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    I have a purchased copy of retail windows 7 home premium spanish that i purchased in santiago chile when i was living there in order to run win 7 on my macbook.

    i put this on vmware fusion on a mac book pro. this all worked. Then i had problems and tried it on boot camp and also diffent vms.

    All of those VM's are deleted or lost, the macbook was broken and then the broken macbook was stolen.

    I have a new macbook, also spanish.

    I am in the US now and want to use this activation in virtual box. I have the physical purchased win7 cd's and box and key.

    Any other activation on hardware or vm's for this key is are out of my control, and if they exist they can be considered invalid.

    I have 2 problems,

    1. the key is southamerican and when i try to activate in the USA i get a error saying it is only for a different region.

    2. one alternative method of phone call activation gave an error tat the key has been activated t omany times.

    Is there a way to actually use this , on a virtual box vm?

    Thursday, June 6, 2013 6:40 PM



    telephone activation (operator calls)

    Click on the Start button

    in the Search box, type

    SLUI   4

    and hit the Enter key

    follow the instructions, but when asked which service you require by the telephone ansafone, do NOT reply - this should force an operator to respond, who can deal with you 

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    Friday, June 7, 2013 3:11 PM

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