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  • Anyone knows when will these exams  will retire (70-536, 70-561 & 70-562)? 

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    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 7:23 PM


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  • Hi Tigi2,

    Sorry I tried to reply you yesterday on the old thread but the site was not working because of updates so the exam 70-536 is from .NET 2.0 but also required for .NET 3.5 exams and 70-561 and 70-562 are new .NET 3.5 exams for ADO.NET and Asp.net.  Start with the links below for study materials for all three exams.  Post again if you have more questions.




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    Tuesday, November 18, 2008 7:44 PM
  • Hi Caddre,

    Thank you for your quick response as usual !!

    1. When you say they are new, are they going to be out there at least for the next three years (all three exams)? It may take me at least one year to be ready just for 70-536, I have a new born baby and I can only spend a couple of hours a day on reading. 

    2. I have Visual Studio.net Professional Version 2002, Can I use this software to run the codes/examples from Jeffery Richter and Herbert Schildt books you have suggested? 

    3. I am new to both C# and VB, all I know is SQL so, which language do you suggest to start with? which language has a future in .net world?

    4. How do you study this site? For example if I click on Value types there is Sturcts and if I open the page/link there are a bunch of things that structs contain and if I open each link... goes on and on... Where should reading stop? 

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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 2:37 AM
  • 1.  Yes these exams are the new ones until Visual Studio 2010 is released and new features are added and exams created.

    2. No you cannot use VS2002 because that is for .NET 1.1 exams that will expire in 2009.  So you can run all Jeffrey Richiter samples in C# express.

    3. I am also from SQL but the ANSI SQL not T-SQL or PL/SQL and I write C#.

    4.  The docs are just comprehensive they don't explain what you need to know, so get Herbert Schildt he separates out every thing and explain what you need to know.  So for exam 70-536 if you choose C# get Herbert Schildt and Jeffery Richter and good practice test.

    In .NET Value Types are called structs while Reference Types are called classes, so the data types used in SQL are the Value Types which are structs.  .NET also comes with boxing which lets you use Value Types as Reference Types so the experts says if the docs says it is reference type then it is.  That is the reason to keep the docs close.


    Asp.net MVP, MCPD Web C#, MCTS TFS, MCITP BI and DBA
    Wednesday, November 19, 2008 3:13 PM