Update a Homeserver oem-Powerpack3 evolution RRS feed

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  • I´ll want give my installation the Home Server number, He didn`t taken my number. i want to know why this update make as a new installation-why? In Download site no note that OEM don`t allows to install that version.? Why a new aktivations ?  I have a Homeserver and aktivate. I couldn`t understand this build !!! What `s on The way for Think`s.
    Friday, January 1, 2010 7:08 PM


  • Microsoft no longer issues product keys for the evaluation software. At one time, it was possible to get one, but since the software will expire in 120 days even if you enter a product key, I suspect they felt that 30 days is really enough time to evaluate. As for why the software has a time bomb built in, it's probably for revenue protection purposes. There are keygen utilities that could create a valid product key if it was possible to simply enter a product key to license it permanently.

    And it's not like you weren't warned. From the page you got to when you clicked on "Try it free!":

    *Important Note: This software is intended for evaluation purposes only. After the 30-day eval period, the software will stop continuing to work and you will need to purchase a full retail copy of the software from one of the online retailers.

    A move to the full retail version of the product requires a complete reinstall of the software and not an in-place upgrade. This means you will need to go through configuration and backup steps one more time. We suggest that you backup your files to an external hard drive before performing a complete reinstall. While we recognize that this may be inconvenient for customers, the technicalities of the current product prevent us from allowing an in-place upgrade.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Friday, January 1, 2010 8:16 PM